A Joyful Forest Engagement | Abi & Joel

So much had happened to bring them to this moment, together on the beach, and it could not have been more perfect or beautifully orchestrated. They met in mission training school and got to know each other as they traveled through Australia and Africa, serving Jesus together. Then Abi moved back to Texas for two years… but she couldn’t forget the caring, clever, and vibrant man she had become smitten by. And although she didn’t know it, he couldn’t forget her either. They kept in touch, and after 10 months of online chatting and impromptu Skype calls, she knew that the felt the same way. They began dating with 10,000 miles between them… and yet here they were now. Together. Sitting together in the sand, looking at the water and the slowly sinking sun. Abi smiled and tried to memorize the shades of blue, pink, and yellow that filled the darkening sky. She loved the beach, and sharing this moment with the man she loved made it that much more sweet. 

As Abi stood up to leave, Joel said, “Just one more thing….” and before she knew it, he was kneeling in front of her with a beautiful ring and an even more beautiful question. Abi was shaking and literally weak in the knees, but so very excited to marry Joel and have the opportunity to serve the Lord with him for the rest of their lives.

Abi and Joel have been in America for the past few weeks, preparing for their upcoming wedding, and I was thrilled to spend the evening with them last week. We wandered around some of my favorites spots at DeGray Lake in Arkadelphia, exploring, talking about life, and getting a bit lost in the search of the best locations possible. I had SO much fun getting to know the two of them, and I absolutely can not wait to see them again on their wedding day!