A Joyful Coral & Turquoise DeGray Lake Wedding in Arkadelphia, Arkansas | Dede & Ben

Dede walked midway down the flight of stairs and stopped, envelope in hand. She opened it and removed the folded sheet of paper, filled with Ben's handwriting. There, only a few feet away from her blindfolded soon-to-be-husband, she savored each and every one of the thoughtful words he had written to her to commemorate this special day. 

Then, folding the letter again and returning it to its envelope, she walked down the remaining steps and wrapped her arms around the one she could not wait to marry. Although he couldn't see her, Ben smiled and returned her embrace, grateful for a few moments alone with his beautiful bride. 

Soon, it was time to be married, and it was such an honor to witness the union of these two. Dede was just the most joyful, radiant bride and Ben was her perfect compliment. Their day was a relaxed celebration, overflowing with an abundance of laughter and delight. Dede and Ben, may these images serve as a reminder of every bit of the joy felt, and I sincerely hope they bring back fond memories of your special day forever.