A St. Anthony's Chapel on the Creek Wedding | Bethany & Ryan

"Today, rain or shine, I become a Hollis!"

And when she posted this on Sunday morning, she absolutely meant the exclamation point at the end. As Bethany sat in a tall chair front of the largest windows in the room, waiting for her hair and makeup to be perfectly crafted, she was full of laughter, excitement, and anticipation. Because today she would walk a winding uphill path surrounded by her closest friends and family to the small stone chapel at the top to be married. Today she would have fun, be relaxed, and celebrate this new stage of life with great food, upbeat music, and lots fun of games. And it didn't matter if the skies were darker or she was forced to carry an umbrella, because today would be absolutely wonderful no matter what

And it was.

Bethany and Ryan, it was our pleasure to have the opportunity to serve you on your special day. We had a wonderful time documenting your celebration, and we hope that you enjoy just a few of our favorites and that these photographs always bring back fond memories of the day you became husband and wife.