A Sentimental and Emotional Summer Wedding | Matthew & Rachel

As her mom buttoned the back of her lace wedding dress, five of her closest friends stood nearby, gushing and elated. But it wasn’t until her cathedral veil was in place that the reality of the day began to settle upon her. This is it. What had started years ago as two strangers bonding over a puzzle had become two families merging with the simple but profound promise of I do. Rachel smiled and brushed back the tears because even though she felt the gravity of the occasion… she also felt the deepest assurance in the core of her soul that she was making the best decision of her life.  

Rachel and Matthew’s ceremony was held at First Baptist Church in Allen, Texas. It was a sacred and personal commitment to God and their entire wedding day was laid back, emotional, and family oriented. We loved the sentimental details honoring loved ones that emerged throughout the day, and we loved getting to know their friends and family as we documented their interaction.

Matthew and Rachel, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for inviting us to share in this special season of your life. While it’s crazy and a bit surreal that this journey we started together over a year ago is coming to a close, we want you to know that we’re so incredibly blessed to know you, and we’re confident that The Lord has wonderful plans for your future together. So here’s to many more years of adventures, dinner dates, and fishing trips! We hope you’re having the best of time in the Virgin Islands!