A Bright and Colorful Wedding at Jamestown Ranch in Arkansas | Matthew & Katie

It was mid afternoon when guests began to filter in and take their seats in white chairs meticulously placed under a sprawling oak tree. Today was the day and excitement grew with every passing moment. Soon, Katie linked arms with her father and began walking toward that old oak treeā€¦ and the man waiting for her under it. This was it. The moment the doors swung open and they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day was a moment they had both anticipated for so very long, and a moment they would remember forever. 

Together, Katie and Matthew joined hands and made promises of forever as they stood before their closest friends and family. It was a sweet time of celebration, nostalgia, and laughter with soft dirt under bare toes and rolling green hills in the background.  It was a day that perfectly reflected the personalities of this sweet couple, and it was a joy to share in the day.