A Laid Back Outdoor Destination Wedding | Joel & Abi

Joel, I vow to be dedicated to you and to believe in you. I will dream with you, and within God’s will we will accomplish those dreams together. I will persevere with you and for you, and I will trust you as you hear from God for our marriage and our family….

As she stood under a large tree surrounded by friends and family, she was overcome with joy… yet the seriousness of this promise was not lost on her. Between the laughter and smiles, her voice conveyed that she meant these words, fully and deeply. It was a beautiful moment, overflowing with both the delight and gravity of promising to keep this sacred covenant for the rest of their lives. And when the ceremony was complete and Joel kissed his wife for the first time, there was no hiding the pure happiness and emotion from their faces.

Abi and Joel traveled from Perth, Australia to be married on a warm June day at a private residence in Texarkana, Texas. Friends and family gathered from literally all over the world to celebrate with them in Abi’s hometown, and their classy backyard wedding could not have been better suited for the two of them. Guests visited at round tables covered in antique silver, pastel flowers, and wax covered decorative bottles while children played games in the grass. It was truly a beautiful day, and I was so blessed to have the opportunity to photograph these two wonderful families joining together through marriage.

Abi and Joel, thank you for trusting me to be a part of your day. It was my pleasure and honor, and I hope these photographs forever remind you of this beautiful, special day.