A Royal Ridge Wedding in Hot Springs Arkansas | Austin & Candice

They stood under a chandelier hanging from a tall wooden archway and looked each other in the eyes. Austin pulled out a small piece of paper and began to explain everything Candice meant to him and everything he vowed to her for the rest of their lives. White drapery blew gently in the wind and abundant wild greenery surrounded them as they exchanged rings and were pronounced husband and wife. And then music began to play and the two separate individuals who arrived just moments before walked down the aisle again, together, as one. 

Austin and Candice are two of the most laid back, easy going individuals I’ve ever met, and their wedding at Royal Ridge in Hot Springs, Arkansas reflected their carefree spirits. It was a pleasure to be a part of a day so full of joy and it was an honor to have the opportunity to document these two on such a special day. Austin and Candice, thank you for inviting me into your lives. I hope that you love these photographs we made together as much as I do, and I hope they bring back wonderful memories for the rest of your lives.