My Top 5 Non-Gear Essentials for Photographing Weddings

Happy Monday - I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

We all know that you need a camera (or, to be honest, multiple cameras) to photograph weddings, but honestly, that’s only scratching the surface. A photographer needs much more than a camera to successfully document a wedding, so today, let’s chat today about my non-gear essentials I use throughout the day.

1. A Secure Card Wallet

When I was looking at the best way to securely store cards on a wedding day, I was surprised at the limited options. I wanted something that could hold all of my CF and SD cards (since I shoot both simultaneously) securely and easily. I ended up picking this card wallet from amazon, and I love it. It’s a hard plastic that’s anti-shock, water resistant, and holds 8 SD cards and 4 CF cards, which is the perfect amount for one wedding day. I have it nearby all day long and when we travel for weddings, it stays on my person as an additional backup until we get home. 

2. Airport Airstream Bag

I got this bag because it’s unassuming and small enough to fit under the seat on even the smallest airplanes, but I use it to carry the majority of my gear to all of my weddings. It’s a tight fit, but it holds everything I currently use on a wedding day - 3 cameras, 3 flashes, 6 lenses, a video light, batteries, and assessories. There’s plenty of space left over on a normal day where I have my shooting bag full of lenses, so there’s still room for growth. I also love the TSA approved locks, included rain cover, and the option to attach a tripod externally. I’ve been seriously impressed by the amount of space in such a little bag, and it was definitely worth the investment. 

3. Lenspen

This is such a little thing, but these guys are my favorite way to clean lenses. I’ve been using them for years and they’re so handy that I don’t even think twice about it now. 

4. Extra pair of shoes

It’s my goal to look like a guest on a wedding day, so I like to wear comfortable but attractive shoes. However, after 10 hours on your feet, even the most comfortable shoes hurt. I’ve found the best way to not want to curl up and never walk again is to bring two pairs of shoes and switch halfway through the day, and this method has worked great for me. I usually wear flip flops during the pre-ceremony portion of the day, and then switch into tieks before the ceremony.

5. Canon Professional Services

I can’t do my job without my equipment, so I place a high value on ensuring it’s functioning properly. I signed up for CPS almost immediately after beginning my business, and it’s been a lifesaver. I’ve had to send in several things this year and their turn around time is so incredible that I didn’t have to worry about not having my gear for an important shoot. They also provide a piece of mind knowing that only the best service my gear.

Your turn, photographers! What can you not live without on a wedding day? Your suggestions are the best, and I’d absolutely love to hear what you recommend!