Five Things That Have Made Up My Life This Month

Can you believe August is almost over!?! The temperature is dropping (slowly here in south Arkansas!) and soon it’ll be pumpkin spice latte and scarf season, and I won’t lie… I’m pretty excited. Summer is typically my favorite season, but this August was so hot that you couldn’t step outside without sweating and I had to be creative with my free time until the heat subsides and I'm able to go on outdoor adventures with Lucas again! With that said, here are five random and silly things that have made up my life this month:


1. Gilmore Girls

After watching an obsessive and likely unhealthy amount of Gilmore Girls, I finished the series this month. It was such a huge part of my life for so long that I immediately began going through the stages of grief and loss. Who knows if I’ll ever come to the place where I can accept it; right now I’m secretly hoping that netflix will realize just how popular it is and make a sequel. It’s just that good.


2. Traveling

In the past month I’ve spent over 20 hours in the car and about as much in various airports, and to be honest, this was a fairly light month compared to the crazy year we’ve had. But every day I feel more and more grateful to have the opportunity to chase this crazy dream and spend my days recording history, and I wouldn’t trade this season of life for anything.


3. Delicious Food

By now most of you know that Lucas is a legit in the kitchen, and this month he did a lot of experimenting with artisan foods. He made several loaves of bread, pizzas, and Japanese food and I am just the luckiest girl in the world.


4. InDesign

This month I’ve been working on a project that I’ve put off for over a year and a half and while there’s still a lot of work to be done, I’m excited to finally see it coming together!!


5. Portal 2

Okay. Ya’ll. I am NOT by any stretch of the imagination a video game player. In fact, I’ve been pretty adamantly opposed to them for the majority of my life and the only video game I’ve ever played all the way through was portal 1 in high school. I love the smart humor and how it makes you think in new ways, so when Lucas downloaded the sequel on my computer this month I couldn’t resist finally walking through it. 


Your turn! What is one thing that has made up your life this month?