The SN Office Tour

Before we begin, there is something you should know.  
I only have ONE piece of art hanging in our entire house: a piece entitled "brown" that Lucas painted our sophomore year of college while hanging out with me in my painting class and trying to win my affections. It's abstract and ridiculous and hanging over our washing machine. But other than that, I have literally nothing gracing our walls and lots of empty picture frames that I really need to get around to filling. 

All of that to say, I am not by any means an expert interior designer. But I believe you can learn a lot about a person by what they've done with their space, so today I though it'd be fun to give you a peak into our home. My office doubles as a guest bedroom, and one day I'd definitely love to incorporate more artwork into the space... but for now I'll blame it on being a minimalist and loving white. :)

Pretty much every single piece of furniture in this room came from Ikea, so if you're curious where something came from, that's a pretty good guess. Lucas absolutely hates Ikea, but he loves me enough to tolerate my excitement and go whenever we're in Dallas.

I love those boxes by my computer - they hold hard drives, pens, and various odds and ends that would otherwise be scattered aimlessly all over the desk.

I thought about removing all of the clutter from that basket, but ya'll.. that's real life. Not everything is perfect and clean and wonderful all of the time... in fact, most of the time things look a lot like that basket - messy, cluttered, a little bit crazy. But that's okay, because nothing will ever be perfect and the messy middle while chasing your dreams is a beautiful, wonderful thing. 

And of course, the office tour wouldn't be complete without my little office monster. Who looks rather fierce in this photo but is more often than not is asleep on my desk because he's too big to fit on my lap and just can't handle being seperated. :)