Happy New Year!!

I've kind of fallen off the grid for a few weeks, but it's because life has been so full and beautiful that I just haven't had time for much else. In the past three weeks, Lucas and I photographed our last wedding of the year. (And it was stunning!!)
Then, we immediately packed up our house, said goodbye to the little town we called home for almost seven years, and moved 300 miles away. 
We bought a house and have spent countless hours dreaming about making it home.
We celebrated several exciting occasions with friends and family, from engagements to weddings to the holidays. 
I've danced hard, embarrassed myself by rapping to "Grillz" by Nelly (on multiple occasions),and painted a masterpiece out of nothing but chunky blue paint and Hershey kisses wrappers. 
We've lived out of boxes and gotten very little sleep. 
And it's been nothing but perfect.

These past few weeks (and really, this entire year!) have been so rich and full of beautiful moments that I'll cherish forever. And 2016? 

It's going to be even better.

Thank you all for your love and support and I'm so so excited to continue to walk through and share life with each and every one of you! Happy New Year!!