A Devil's Den Engagement Session | Bill & Megan

It was better than any movie could ever depict. The green up on green of the German countryside, with cute little country homes with no electricity but lots of charm. It had been the perfect vacation, and Megan and Bill were thankful to experience it together. There were a lot of wonderful memories made on that trip… but one stands out the most. 

It was at Neushwanstein Castle. The tour was over, and it was raining, but Bill insisted that it was so beautiful that they just had to take a few photographs together before they left. So they made their way to the most picturesque area of the castle, ready to brave the rain for the sake of a great photo. They went outside with no umbrellas, and Megan stood in the rain as Bill took off his backpack and reached inside. He told her the view was perfect… just like her. And then he got down on one knee and asked Megan to marry him. Tears mingled with rain as Megan said yes; forgetting everything else around her except the joy she felt and the perfection of the moment. 

I met Megan and Bill at Devil’s Den over the weekend, and together we hiked up to Yellow Rock their engagement session in one of the most beautiful spots in Arkansas. I had an amazing evening with the two of them, and I’m beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to serve them and document their love. 

Megan and Bill, thank you for driving all the way up to Northwest Arkansas for me!! You two are truly the best, and I couldn’t be more excited for you to see these photographs! I hope you cherish them for a lifetime.