University of Arkansas Engagement Photos | Joseph & Kate

They met at lunch in high school when her best friend invited him to eat lunch with them. And naturally over the course of time, they became friends. Somewhere along the way, Joseph developed feelings for Kate… but it took a little bit of persistence and asking her out three times before she finally agreed. But when she finally said yes, she realized that maybe she liked him more than she let herself believe. A few weeks later, on the way home from a band competition, he asked her to be his ’significant other’… and the rest is history.

Theirs is a story of falling in love gradually. In many ways, a story of growing up together. Of dating through high school and college and grad school and first jobs and just experiencing so much life together. 

Six years after that moment in their band uniforms when they officially became an item, Joseph led Kate to a bench near a small foundation underneath a canopy of Christmas lights and handed her a note. Just like the ones they used to write to each other during class. And when she was finished reading it, he got down on one knee and gave her a ring made with her grandmother’s diamond. It was a beautiful, special moment… and the official beginning of their journey together towards husband and wife.

I actually knew Kate in college, so I was super excited when she told me she was engaged and even more thrilled when she asked me to share in this season of her life! I had a great time catching up with her and getting to know Joseph over the weekend while we wandered around the university of Arkansas campus together, and I’m completely in love with these images that we made together. I hope you love them as much as I do!!