A Classic Arkansas Winter Wedding | Taylor & Regan

As Taylor waited in a field with his back turned to the church, Regan opened the door and began to walk toward him. The ground was still moist from a recent rain, but the air was warm and pleasant; you truly couldn't have asked for a better day in early March to be married. While Regan was still a few feet from him, Taylor turned to look at his bride and couldn't hold in the biggest, joyful smile. After all of these years, it was finally their wedding day... and it was perfect.

Regan and Taylor were married in their home church in Gurdon, Arkansas, surrounded by friends and family. You could tell by the way they packed out the large sanctuary that these two are so loved everyone who knows them, and it's obvious why. They are the sweetest couple, and it's an honor to only to have been a part of their wedding, but to call them friends.

Regan and Taylor - thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to be a part of your special day. I hope that the images we captured always remind you of the joy you felt on the day you became husband and wife.