A Nautical Themed Destination Engagement Session | Brian & Connie

It was a spur of the moment get-away. Connie and Brian knew the coming month was going to be busy, so they decided to head down to the beach at Galveston to celebrate their anniversary together while they had a bit of free time. The beach was their favorite, and they had a wonderful time relaxing and simply being with one another. Hand in hand, they walked through the sand and looked over the expansive blue waters as the sun began to slowly dip under the horizon. And it was in that moment, surrounded by the beauty of the sea at the most romantic time of day, that Brian asked Connie to be his wife. It was an unexpected moment, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Last week, I met up with Connie and Brian in south Texas for their engagement session. I had a wonderful afternoon, getting to know these two as we explored a few of their favorite places. We visited Old Town Spring, which was an adorable little downtown area unlike anything I’ve ever seen, then headed to Lakeshore Park, which was reminiscent of their love for sailing and open waters. I loved that we were able to incorporate so many things that Connie and Brian love into our time together, and it was an honor to capture just a glimpse of the love that they share for one another.