A Spring Engagement Session in Bentonville, Arkansas | Blake & Molly

As she got ready for the evening, she thought they were just going to dinner together at Sulley’s. It was a cute little place downtown, right next to Vino’s - a pizza place where they had their first date. But little did she know that Blake had other plans. He had always wanted to recreate their first date, but thought it would be impossible since Vino’s had since closed their doors to business. However, he wasn’t one to give up on an idea quickly, so he called the owner of the building who agreed to let Blake use the building for the evening. And so instead of going to Sulley’s that night, Blake pulled Molly into the quiet little vacant restaurant that held so many beautiful memories of the first days of their relationship. It looked exactly like it used to, and it was there, in the midst of memories of the past, that Blake asked Molly to spend a lifetime making memories with him. 

Last week, I met up with these two in Bentonville, Arkansas for their engagement session, and ya’ll… they could not have had more perfect weather. That morning, it was super cloudy and misting consistently, but by the time the evening rolled around, it was clearing up and just a bit overcast. And at the very end of our time together, the sun peaked through the clouds and made for the most gorgeous sunset photos. 

Molly and Blake, I had the best time with you two last week!! Thank you for spending the afternoon with me, and I hope that every time you look at these photographs, you’ll be able to feel the warmth and beauty of the love you share.