An Urban Arkansas Wedding at Loft 1023 | Theophile & Porntip

Sunlight poured through long, narrow windows high above her head as she perched on a stool in the middle of the bridal suite, eyes closed. Her sister leaned over her, expertly applying the finishing touches to her wedding day makeup. As she slipped into her dress, the heat began to dissipate and clouds slowly began to cover the sun, until it became apparent it would rain. And soon. But even so, we decided it would be worth it to risk the impending storm, so we made our way a few blocks over to where Theophile was waiting to see his bride. 

The moment was perfect. Porntip and Theophile were more than ready to see each other, and their first look was a beautiful, meaningful moment that we were honored to witness. After they had a chance to spend a few moments alone, laughing and talking about what was to come, we began their portraits. We were able to spend an unhurried hour together, wandering around downtown Little Rock near Loft 1023, before heading back inside. The entire time we were outside it looked more and more stormy, but the rain held off until right after we made it inside. The timing couldn’t have been better, but it was just one of many things that made Porntip and Theophile’s wedding absolutely perfect.

My favorite thing about these two and their wedding was how personal it was and the emphasis they put on family, heritage, and culture. From the Thai family blessing after they exchanged rings and the traditional Rwandan dances during the reception to a million little details in-between, Porntip and Theophile’s wedding was a beautiful reflection of who they are and where they came from. It was a joy to celebrate with them, and I hope you enjoy just a few of my favorite images from their wedding day!