Downtown Rogers Arkansas Engagement Photos | Brice & Sarah

It was a Wednesday night when she first noticed him. At the time, they were just children, but when she saw him do a backflip that night at church she knew. She was only in third grade, but she was positive that he was the boy she would someday marry.

And although Sarah knew, it took Brice a little bit longer to realize they were meant to be together. So years passed and Sarah and Brice grew up - never too close, but always with each other as a constant in their lives. It took eight years before Brice started to notice Sarah, but of course, he finally did. And when they began dating, it was even better than either of them could have imaged. They quickly became best friends, and as they continued to get to know each other, fell in love with each other’s personalities, quirks, and even faults. Theirs is a story of young love and waiting for God’s timing, and one that will last a lifetime as they enter into marriage this summer.

I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with these two over the weekend, and this one was extra fun for me because I’ve known these two since they were kids! We all grew up going to the same church, and it’s still a little hard for me to believe that they’re getting married!! But I couldn’t be more happy for these two - it doesn’t take long to tell that they’re crazy about each other, and I know that the Lord is going to use their lives and marriage for His kingdom and glory!

Sarah and Brice - I had the best time with the two of you this weekend!! Thank you for trusting me to document your story… and thank you for your great attitudes and patience as we huddled in an alley while it randomly rained on us for 20 minutes! :)  I hope you love these images as much as I do, and I can’t wait for the wedding!!!