Southern Outdoor Pecan Orchard Wedding Photographer | Evan & Natalie

It was a slow start to the day. She got her nails done that morning, but she didn’t really start getting ready until the early afternoon. And even then it didn’t feel real. Even as the hair and makeup artist set up in the corner of her hotel room and began expertly applying foundation and eyelashes, it didn’t really feel like today she would get married. That in just a few short hours, she would slip into her gown and walk down the aisle to the man of her dreams waiting for her under a massive tree. But it was real. It was the day she had been dreaming about, and as soon as she saw Evan’s face, everything in the world was perfect.

Natalie and Evan were married at Martin’s Pecanville in Bullard, Texas on a warm-but-not-too-hot Saturday in June. The orchard was the perfect backdrop for their classy summer wedding, but the best thing about the day wasn’t the scenery but the people that filled it. Natalie and Evan are two wonderful souls who passionately love Jesus and other people, and it was truly a joy to be a part of their wedding. From worship during the ceremony to the way these two simply love and put others before themselves, their wedding was a day that sought to glorify God and honor Him with their union. And that is a beautiful thing to witness.

Natalie and Evan, thank you for inviting me to document your wedding. It was an honor to travel all the way from northwest Arkansas to join you on a pecan orchard in east Texas for the day, and it’s definitely one that I’ll never forget. I hope these images always remind you of the love you share and the day that you joined your lives together as one.