Next Level Events Wedding Photos | Joseph & Kate

It was moments before she was to be married, and Kate was tucked away in a little room with a dozen of her closest friends. So much had happened to get her to this point - both that day and in the years leading up to this moment - and in some ways, it was hard to believe she was really here. About to be married. It was hard to believe that she had spent the afternoon outside in MacArthur Park with Joseph and their friends and family, and that now in just a few short moments it would be time to walk down the aisle and become his wife. And yet at the same time, this day was the most natural thing in the world. Joseph was such an integral part of her life that she couldn’t imagine spending the rest of her days with anyone else. She knew that they were truly made for each other, and she couldn’t wait to become his wife.

Kate and Joseph were married at St. Edwards in Little Rock with their reception following at Next Level Events. Their wedding was absolutely beautiful - from the coral and cream florals to the people who filled the day with laughter and love - it was an honor to document Kate and Joseph’s wedding day and share in their joy. 

Kate and Joseph - thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a part of your wedding. I hope that every time you look at these images, you're reminded of your love for each other and of all of the very best, beautiful moments from the day you joined your lives together as one.