A Nautical Themed Glass Chapel Wedding | Brian & Connie

She peaked through the doors at the back of the chapel and saw him. He was standing at the front, his back to her, looking through the large panes of glass to the forest beyond. She smiled, allowing herself to get caught up in the significance of the moment, as she walked down the aisle to her groom. The same aisle that she would walk down in a few short hours to become a mrs. When she was close, Brian turned to look at his bride, and neither could contain their excitement. They embraced, surrounded by glass and flowers and nature, and spent a moment - just the two of them - soaking in the fact that they would soon be husband and wife. 

Brian and Connie were married at Ashton Gardens in Houston, Texas on a beautiful summer day. Their wedding was stunning - from the nautical theme running throughout each detail to the emotion felt by each person who gathered to celebrate these two the fact that these two wonderful souls that had found their way to each other. And even though each detail was immaculate, my favorite part of the entireday was listening to their bridal party tell stories about Brian and Connie. Because you could tell how much they were loved and how much they loved in return. 

Brian and Connie, thank you for inviting me into your lives. For allowing me the privilege of telling your story. Every time you look at these images, I hope they bring back all of the joy and excitement and gravity of the day you joined your lives together as one.