A Rogers Arkansas Church Wedding at First Baptist Church | Brice & Sarah

It wasn’t even ten o’clock in the morning and already so much had happened. Her hair was curled and pinned, tears were shed between loved ones, and she only had a bit more makeup to apply before the day would begin in full force. And as she applied the last little bit of mascara, she thought about what was soon to come. The day ahead was perhaps the most significant of her life so far, and there were a lot of things to be excited about. She was excited about the moment she would walk up behind her groom and how he would react when he saw her as his bride for the first time. She was excited about spending the afternoon celebrating with friends and family. She was excited to hug loved ones and smile until her cheeks hurt. But more than anything, she was excited to stand before God and repeat the vows she would keep for the rest of her life. To hold the hands of her first and only love and say the words that would never loose their significance. For better or worse, until death do we part. 

Brice and Sarah, it’s always an honor to document two families becoming one, but your day was an extra special honor because you two and your families mean SO much to me! Thank you for trusting me to not only share in your wedding day, but to create art out of your memories. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites and that these images only grow in significance over the years as you walk through life together as husband and wife.