A Navy and Blush Arkansas Wedding | Zach & Jennifer

She stood in front of a large mirror, applying makeup with one hand and petting her dog, Dozer, with the other. She looked down at him and patted his nose, thankful to be able to share this day with both her favorite people and an animal that she and Zach loved so much. Soon, Dozer went to visit the men getting ready and Jennifer began to get into her dress. Every time she thought about what was to come, emotion began to flood over her, so instead she tried to focus on the present. She was surrounded by her closest friends, and this was the day that she had dreamt about for so very long. She was grateful, excited, and ready to finally marry the man she had always loved.

Jennifer and Zach were married at Bobrook Farms, which was the perfect location for their rustic wedding. From the casual but elegant decor to the fact that they incorporated a truck from Zach's family excavating business into their decor, their wedding was unique and personal and just right for them. I loved how much thought they put into each and every detail, and it was incredible to watch their wedding unfold.

Jennifer and Zach, thank you for sharing your day with me. It was an honor to serve you in this way, and I hope you cherish these images forever.