A Slate Blue and Floral Inspired Arkansas Wedding | Blake & Molly

It was just after noon, and the September sun was high in the sky. Clouds occasionally rolled by, but for the most part, it was a warm day in the early fall and the weather could not have been more beautiful. Blake stood under a large tree, back toward the light brown barn, waiting as Molly walked up quietly behind him. And while every moment on your wedding day is special, the one when Blake turned to see Molly for the first time as his bride - that one was extra special.

After they shared a moment together and read the letters they had written to one another, Molly grabbed her bouquet and we began their portrait time. Molly and Blake prioritized lots of portrait time, which meant they had several hours before the ceremony to both make the photographs they wanted, and just relax and be with their friends and family. They had time to cuddle with each other, to spend time laughing with their bridal party, and to really enjoy their wedding day and savor each moment. I absolutely love wedding days like this - not only is it less stressful for the bride and groom, but it allows me the time I need to be creative, to see things a little bit differently, and to create something truly unique. 

Molly and Blake, I really and truly loved spending the day with you. From your gorgeous wildflower bouquets and the lantern lighting at the reception to the joy in your eyes when you look at each other, I had the best time documenting your wedding. Thank you for inviting me to do so, and I hope these photographs only bring back the happiest of memories from the day you became husband and wife.