A Magnolia Gardens Wedding in Springdale, Arkansas | Joe & Taylor

Taylor perched on a black barstool in the corner of a Victorian-styled room. Her friends were behind her, talking and laughing and applying makeup in their floral robes that coordinated perfectly with the wallpaper surrounding them. Long dresses were hung in every door way, and excitement filled their conversation as they got ready for the day ahead. It was a day they had planned for and looked forward to for so long, and it was finally here. Everything was in place: the details were ready, the weather was beautiful, and Magnolia Gardens couldn’t have been more stunning with it’s expansive fields and towering magnolia trees. 

After a leisurely morning with her bridesmaids, Taylor was in her dress and ready to see her groom. She walked outside, around the side of the inn, and up to the man standing in the shadow of a massive magnolia tree. Their first look was a beautiful moment, but it was only one of many other countless beautiful moments that followed - each one as significant and meaningful as the next.

Taylor and Joe’s wedding day was filled with laughter and emotion and kisses snuck in when no one was looking. And even though every detail was absolutely stunning, it was obvious that these two cared most about being together. Because at the end of the day, all that mattered was their marriage.

Taylor and Joe, thank you for inviting me to share in and record your first day together as husband and wife. I absolutely loved our time together, and I hope you cherish the images we made and the memories they hold for the rest of your lives.