Getting Ready Outfit Ideas for the Morning of your Wedding

You've spent hours upon hours planning out every little detail of your wedding day. You've ensured everything is cohesive, and you're positive that all of the little details are beautiful and flow together nicely. You've put so much time into planning your wedding day, but today I want to encourage you not to neglect styling the getting ready portion of your day as well! From a photography perspective, a large part of your wedding happens before a single guest ever arrives, and I want to help you to ensure all of your wedding photographs are stunning, from beginning to end! Below are five tips for styling the outfits you wear while you're getting ready to ensure the most beautiful photographs during this portion of your day!

1. Keep it delicate and feminine. 

You've worked hard to craft a wedding day that's stunning and romantic - be sure what you choose to wear all morning matches that vibe. Even though your hair may be in curlers, you still want to look like a bride, so be sure to get ready in something delicate and feminine.

2. match the rest of your day.

Along the same lines, a large portion of your wedding day is spent getting ready, and you want to be sure this portion of your day visually matches everything else. As a photographer, I love when there is continuity all day long. Whether this means using a color or texture or a similarly styled outfit, matching the rest of your wedding will allow the entire story of the day to visually flow.

3. Simple and pastel is always best.

When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a simple white or pastel robe. It's classic, bridal, and will never go out of style.

4. Be sure it’s easy to take off.

When you get ready to put on your dress, you want to be sure that whatever you're wearing is easy to remove in a way that won't disturb your hair or makeup. This is one reason why robes work so well, but anything that you can step out of, unbutton, or untie will work as well.

5. Think outside the robe!

Robes are beautiful and classic (and you seriously can't go wrong with one!!), but there are other gorgeous options to consider as well! A lace romper, a romantic maxi dress, or silk pajamas are all great options that will allow you to look gorgeous and feel comfortable all morning long. To help you think outside of the box, I put together an extensive Pinterest board of inspiration ideas - feel free to check it out here!