A Soft and Romantic Sasafras Springs Vineyard Wedding in Springdale Arkansas


It was those last few moments of sunlight. The ones where the world is awash in golden light because the sun has begun to sink below the horizon but hadn’t quite made it yet. The moments where the world seems to have a magical quality and you wish that you could freeze time and stay right there for just a little bit longer. It was in these glorious moments that Madison and Allen said I do. 

As they stood at the front of the outdoor stone chapel, they each read their vows to one another in the perfect golden light. They were heartfelt and beautiful words that described the love they shared while, at the same time, pointing each other and everyone in attendance to The One who created marriage and holds it all together. And when they were pronounced husband and wife, you knew that everything was as it should be, because these two were so very clearly designed to be married to each other. 

Venue | Sassafras Springs Vineyard in Springdale Arkansas
Hair & Makeup Artist | Amanda Arborgast
 Dress | Sottero & Midgley
Cake | Rick's Bakery
Florist | Bloom