5 (More) Things You May Not Know About Me

A few weeks ago, I shared a post called 5 Things You May Not Know About Me. ...That post was actually supposed to include 10 things, but it got really long, so I decided to split it up into two separate posts.  Today I'm back and sharing the other 5 random facts that you may not know. 

Happy Friday!!

Professional photographs by Hosanna Joleen Photography

Professional photographs by Hosanna Joleen Photography



Besides a few fine art portraits of Luke and I above our bed, I don't have a single piece of art hanging in our home. It's been like that in every home we've lived in since we've gotten married, but I'm determined that the cycle ends here. We've only lived in our home for a little over a year (and we've done a LOT over the year), so I keep telling myself that we just haven't had enough time to get art up yet. I know people who have moved and their house looks perfect within a week, but the reality is that's not how my brain works and it's just going to take us a bit more time! But we'll definitely get there.


This probably isn't a surprise, but we are seriously obsessed with Josie. And so is anyone who visits our home. I've never met a cat with as much personality as him, to the point that sometimes I forget he isn't human. Or at least a dog. Because he definitely doesn't act like any cat I've ever met.

3. All natural everything.

Over the past few years, I've become more and more interested in all natural everything - from cleaning products to DIY beauty. We live a pretty simple lifestyle and don't use a lot of products on a regular basis anyway, but I'm continually working to simplify it even more and use natural simple products as much as possible.

4. I almost never cook - Lucas is the cooking pro and feeds me every day.

Every night when Lucas gets off work, he calls me and asks if I've thought about dinner, and most of the time, the answer is no. So every day on his way home from work, Lucas figures out something to cook, stops by the store, and makes dinner. You guys... I have no idea how I got so lucky. #marriedup

5. Paper trumps digital every day.

I love being able to use digital devices, but in my opinion, paper is better in every way. I vastly prefer paper books and I'll never give up my paper planner. I've used a Day Designer for YEARS, and I don't think I'll ever stop.