Why I Create Custom Artwork In my Studio

Did you know that when you order a piece of artwork from me, I actually create it? I don't send it off to someone else to do for me; I do all of the work myself in the studio. This process includes optimizing the digital file for the specific print size and application, then printing it on museum quality paper. After it's printed, I mat each image with the best mat board avaliable and frame each and every finished piece with simple but gorgeous museum style frames. Even though it takes longer than sending it off to a lab, I absolutely love creating my client's custom artwork by hand in my studio.
Here are a few reasons why:


When I create artwork in my studio, I can control every single aspect of the process. From the inks that I use to the paper I print on, every single part of the process is carefully and thoughtfully considered. Also, if an image is printed and something doesn't look right, I love that I can correct it right then and create a corrected version. I don't have to wait for a lab reprint, and I don't have to deal with labs printing an image incorrectly. Since I am the only person who knows how one of my photographs should look, it makes sense that I create the finished version of the image. 

Museum Quality Guaranteed

Because I am able to control every single step of the printing process, I am able to guarantee that my photographs are museum quality pieces that will last for generations. I've spent years learning about printmaking and longevity to ensure every single material and process I use is standard in museum conservation and quality.

Faster Service

While there are labs that provide beautiful quality heirlooms, they have a much longer turn around time than I do when I create my own artwork in the studio. This means my clients receive their wall portraits sooner, and I don't have to worry about factoring in additional time for shipping or lab mistakes and reprints.

Artistic Fulfillment

Finally, the most important reason I've chosen to create custom artwork in my studio is for the personal artistic fulfillment it brings me. I was an art major in college, so I spend four years learning how to create and present art. I learned how to cut my own mat board, how to print and frame photographs beautifully, and how present images a safe and archival way. Honestly, I missed being able to use these skills and I was thrilled to discover that I could apply them to my business. I love being a part of the entire image creation process - from directing my subjects and capturing an image to putting it behind glass and carefully hanging it on the wall to enjoy for generations. 
It's a beautiful process, and I wouldn't change it for the world.


At the end of the day, all that matters is that my clients love their artwork, regardless of how it was created. But art creation is something I'm super passionate about and I wanted to give you a little glimpse into my world, so that next time you look at that gorgeous photograph on your wall, maybe you fall in love with it just a tiny bit more.