Northwest Arkansas Fine Art Newborn Photography

Motherhood is a beautiful thing. 
It's wild and sweet, unpredictable and structured, ordinary and extraordinary all at the same time. It's loving a little human more than you thought your heart could love. It's realizing that everything up until now was preparing you for this very moment; this very season. It's the most exciting and terrifying, rewarding and challenging thing you've ever done. But you wouldn't change it for the whole entire world.

I was honored to witness this first hand as I photographed Bethany and her sweet little Oliver. I love how photography opens doors to new friendships and I love that I'm invited into people's lives simply because I have a camera in my hand. It's a weighty and precious thing to be trusted with the task of recording somebody's memories - not just for them, but for the tiny babe in their arms to look at someday and see the person who raised them. I don't take that lightly, and I hope that these photographs become ingrained in the fabric of this sweet family's history and legacy.