What to do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Today is for the artists. Those of you who create things and find it wildly fulfilling, but also sometimes overwhelming and exhausting. Today is for those of you out there who are hustling to make their dream a reality, but are in a place where you just feel like giving up. Like you're never going to be where you want to be and you're never going to make your dream a reality. You feel like you've worked and worked and worked and it's not paying off. 
So. What do you do?
The answer is simple.

Just keep going. 

Keep shooting.
Practice every. single. day.
Keep your eyes on your own paper and develop your own personal style.
Because comparing yourself to others will steal your joy faster than anything. 
And because your own unique style is the very thing that will attract others to you.
So when you need inspiration, look at artists who have mastered other genres besides your own.
Work on personal projects. Things that simply set your heart on fire.
Push through. 
Because everyone feels this way at one point or another, but successful artists? They're the ones who don't let it break them. They don't quit. They don't give up when it gets hard.
Because just on the other side of this? That's where you'll find success.

You've got this, girl.