Northwest Arkansas Bridal Session | Kendal

Happy Monday! It was a beautiful weekend, and I can't think of a better way to start of the week than with Kendal's bridals!!
Because you guys. 
This girl. These photos. I'm completely in love with this session for two reasons: 
1. This girl is incredible and everything about her is 🔥🔥😍 and I just love her to pieces and
2. This was the very first session I photographed in my new studio (SURPRISE!!) and I'm absolutely obsessed. It's white on white on white for days and I think I would be completely happy if I only photographed in this space for all of eternity. Simplicity and good light are my favorite, and my studio is absolutely ideal for that. It's the perfect space to be able to take away all of the distractions and focus on what matters - people. emotion. connection. 

Anyway, I'll share more about the studio soon, but in the meantime, let's all just stop for a minute and talk about how incredible Kendal is. This girl reached out to me the DAY after she got engaged, and it's been an absolute joy to be a part of her life for the past year.
Kendal - thank you so much for always trusting my vision and creativity. For all of the times you told me to choose my favorite locations because you trust me. For sending me a photo of your wedding dress when you bought it and asking lots of questions and genuinely sharing this season with me. You're an incredible person, and I couldn't be more thrilled that you're now Mrs. Thompson!!!