Thorncrown Chapel Wedding in Eureka Springs Arkansas | Gabe & Lauren

It wasn't a little bit of light rain, or your typical summer storm where the sun shines bright. When this storm rolled in, it was dramatic. We watched dark clouds quickly roll across the lake through the large sliding doors, and within minutes, the peaceful scene was transformed into grayness. Soon, you couldn't even see the lake anymore as the sky dumped buckets of rain. Lauren was just finishing up her hair and beginning to work on her makeup. But by the time she had slipped into her dress and was ready to see Gabe, it has begun to clear up considerably. And when it was time for their portraits, all that was left of the sudden violent storm was a beautiful layer of fog covering the rolling hills in the background. The rain brought cooler temperatures, and when it was all said and done, Lauren and Gabe's wedding day couldn't have been more perfect. 

Their entire wedding was intimate and sweet, and I loved how focused they were on what mattered - the love they share, and their closest friends and family. The ceremony at Thorncrown Chapel was elegant and beautiful in its simplicity, and the reception dinner to follow was full of intimate laughter and delicious food. The very first time Lauren and I talked about her wedding day, she told me that she just wanted to be with Gabe, and that everything else was extra. And I think that sentiment was apparent all day long. 

Lauren and Gabe, thank you for inviting me into such a special week of your life. I hope that you will cherish the time we spent together and the images we created for a lifetime.