5 Simple Things I Loved this Summer

With fall approaching, I'm feeling nostalgic about the fact that summer is almost over. Lucas has been looking forward to fall since May, but I honestly love the summer months and am just a little sad to see them go. Although I won't lie - cooler weather sounds amazing too! Anyway, all this reminiscing about summer has got me thinking about my favorite simple things that made this summer amazing, and I thought I'd share five of them with you today! 

Happy Monday!!

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1. The Kindle Oasis

After I obsessively researched for months, Lucas bought me a kindle for my birthday in June and it's been my favorite device ever since. The Oasis is Kindle's high end e-reader, and I absolutely love the smooth glass screen, the tactile buttons, the way it fits in my hand, and how easy it is to slip into my bag and take with me everywhere. It's caused me to rediscover my love of reading, and I've read more over the past two months than I have over the past several years combined. (Seriously - I've read over 20 books in two months because it's so easy and fun!) And honestly, learning how to be a reader again has made it worth every single penny to me. 

2. Thrive Market

I'll admit, I was super hesitant about this online store at first. Yes, they have the best prices on a lot of products I already purchase, but I wasn't sure that I would use it since amazon is so much more convenient. But, after using their service for a few months, they've definitely won me over. I love how every single product in their store is curated to ensure the best quality, and I love how you can filter items by dietary restrictions and values (vegan, paleo, raw, etc). Also, the thrive house brand is amazing - I absolutely love their coffee. And their chocolate chips. And their tahini. 
... I basically love every single thing I've purchased from them, and it's made shopping high quality organic food SO much more convenient. 

3.  Plant-based foods

Along the same lines, I adopted a plant-based diet this summer and have absolutely love it. I've never been a huge fan of animal products, so it wasn't that difficult of a transition for me (although it did take some time to figure out how to drink coffee without my regular creamer!) and I honestly feel so much better and more energetic. I've had a lot of fun experimenting with new recipes, and enjoy cooking more now than I ever have in the past.

4. X-Files

This summer, Lucas and I have been making our way through X-Files for the first time, and I love everything about this super bizarre show from the '90s. It's caused me to have some strange dreams, so it might not be the best thing to watch right before bed, but I've grown super attached to Mulder and Scully over the past several months, and since we're about halfway through season 9, I'm so excited that they rebooted the series last year so it doesn't have to be over quite yet. :)

5. Simple Backgrounds

You already know that I'm completely in love with #allwhiteeverything, but as I've been shooting more regularly in my studio over the past few months and I've fallen in love with it even more. Simple studio backgrounds are quickly becoming my favorite thing ever, and I'm excited to continue exploring and refining this new passion over the coming months. 


Your turn! What have been your favorite things this summer? Leave a comment below and let me know - I love learning about new things!!