Brik Venue Wedding in Ft. Worth Texas | Daniel & Rebecca

Instead of waiting with his back turned, he stood facing the door to wait for his bride. And when Rebecca walked out of the big red doors to see her groom for the first time, a giant smile immediately spread across Daniel's face. As she walked toward him, he got more and more excited until he couldn't wait any longer and eagerly walked toward his bride, wrapping her in his arms. It was a beautiful moment to kick off a stunning wedding, and the joy that was sparked at that moment continued to radiate throughout the rest of the day.

Daniel and Rebecca were married at Saint Patrick Cathedral in Fort Worth, Texas before heading over to Brik Venue for their gorgeous, laid-back reception. Their wedding day was the perfect combination of classy and relaxed, and everything from gorgeous cathedral they were married in to the dance party that followed was absolutely flawless.

Daniel and Rebecca, I know I've said it before several times, but it was truly an honor to be a part of your wedding day. I absolutely adore you both - both as individuals and as a couple. It's so incredibly obvious that you two were made for each other, and it was a privilege to photograph the way you love each other and your first day as husband and wife.