Savoring This Season with Your Man


The sun wasn't up yet, but I was.
Stumbling out the doors of the honors college dorm, one hand holding his and the other, a giant thermos of coffee.
Together, we crossed the street, and trekked down the steep hill to my favorite little secret-not-so-secret spot. We sat together, just him and me, in silence that morning, watching the sun rise over the river.
Birds chirping overhead.
Cool air against our cheeks.
Damp leaves under our feet.
And silence, silence, silence.

My head on his shoulder, just soaking up the beauty of creation and the joy of simply being together.
Just because we could.
I didn't know it at the time, but it was the perfect moment.

These sweet little moments weren't uncommon in college, and the memories that Lucas and I made together while we were dating are ones that I'll cherish forever.

Sometimes it seems like the days were simpler then. The moments more charming. Somehow time has a way of playing tricks on you; of making you think that something in the past was more beautiful than what you have today.

When in reality? Today is pretty incredible.

Sure, things look different today. Our epic adventures now look more like sitting on the deck and watching the lightning roll in after a hard day of work.
It looks like Lucas cooking dinner while I sit at the bar, talking about what happened during the day (because I am not allowed in the kitchen while he cooks :)).
It looks like holding hands in the car on the way to photographing a wedding together, and it looks like sneaking away to our favorite coffee shop on the rare day that we both have off with nothing else to do.

Things look different now, but I know that someday, I'm going to look back on this sweet season of our lives and realize that these days together, just the two of us, were pure magic.


Need some ideas of ways to savor this season with your man? I created a downloadable checklist just for you with 25 of my best memory-making activities. Click below to download it now!