Favorite Things: Summer 2018

I don't know what Spring has been like where you live, but it feels like around here we jumped straight from winter to summer. There were a few mild days, but it was mostly cold cold cold and then immediately 85 degrees. We didn't get many of the intense thunder storms that make me feel like summer is coming, and I only remember one tornado warning over the past few months, which is crazy for this time of year where we live.

Regardless of our crazy weather, there were a few things that characterized this season for me. These five things made spring much more enjoyable for me, and I'm excited to bring them with me into the summer months as well!



Magnolia Violet Perfume by Good Chemistry

I got really excited when I saw this perfume line in Target. Vegan, all natural, scented with essential oils, and gorgeous packaging? Yes, yes, and yes. The magnolia violet scent is my favorite - it smells a little bit intense when you put it on, but it wears SO nicely as the day wears on. It's feminine, floral, and elegant without being sickly sweet or childish. Also, the scent doesn’t rub off and usually lasts the entire day. I've never been a big perfume wearer, but I'm honestly in LOVE.


Palisades SF Vans

When I went to Washington this Spring, I wanted to only take one pair of shoes with me. Ideally, I wanted something that I could wear with socks, but something that would be easy to slip on and off in the airport and be versatile enough to wear with all of my clothing. Also, it's important to me to buy from ethical brands and know that they're 100% made without animal products. Vans isn't the most ethical brand in existence, but from what I read, they are making an effort, and many of their shoes are completely vegan. I fell in love with these shoes online, and they were a PERFECT for my trip… and now I basically wear them every day. They're easy to slip on and they go with absolutely everything.


Lue by Jean Seo

I have come to terms with the fact that I will likely always deal with acne, and I've been looking for a natural product that actually works to replace the harsh chemicals I've used for years. I ordered this product on Thrive Market on a whim (honestly, because the packaging is pretty) and it's worked better than ANYTHING I've ever used. Ya'll - I'm seriously so, SO impressed. It smells a little weird and it'll temporarily stain your skin after use, but this stuff heals my acne almost overnight and has kept my skin clear enough that I've no longer need to use any harsh chemicals.


"Small Great Things" by Jodi Picoult

I kept seeing this book pop up on best sellers lists everywhere, so I finally picked it up this Spring… and I couldn't put it down. The way the author writes about racism is complex, sensitive, and extremely profound, and it has helped me understand the race relations climate in America with more depth than I ever have before. I think this book is a great way for people to begin to understand the complexity of the issue, and I hope that more people will read it and use it as a door to open up more honest conversations.


Mineral Fusion Pressed Foundation

I feel like this list is really heavy on beauty products, but I found SO many things that I love this Spring, including this foundation! Again - I'm slowly working on replacing all of my beauty products with more natural alternatives, and one of the last things that I've held on to was my regular foundation, because I've not found a natural product that works as well! And honestly, this one still doesn't provide the kind of coverage that the foundation I've used in the past does, but this + concealer works well enough for an average day that I don't feel the need to pull out anything else unless it's a special occasion. I love that this pressed foundation makes me look like I'm not wearing makeup… it's just a better version of my skin. Which is the way I like makeup to look.


Alright, friends! That's everything that I had to share with you today, but I'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and tell me what things you are loving right now - I'm always open to trying something new!