The Great Arkadelphia Ice Storm of 2015... Except...

As I sit here, cross-legged at my desk with a cup of tea warming my hands, I can’t help but smile.

Saturday was an absolutely perfect Valentine’s Day – 70 degrees, sunshine, with a slight wind. Lucas and I spent the entire afternoon just being outside – walking on trails, going on adventures, and grilling out front.

And today, we woke up to a layer of ice covering absolutely everything. Our town is so woefully unequipped to handle any sort of weather that our electricity decided it was just all too much and gave up. So here I sit, typing this in the dark, and laughing inside about how silly Arkansas weather is and how blessed I am to be in a position to just enjoy whatever it happens to throw at us.

Even if that means it’s 70 degrees one day and 30 the next.

Since today was the first day we’ve had even remotely winter-like weather all year, naturally we had to go explore. Mostly to go to the store and get groceries for dinner (and 15 loaves of bread because YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WE MAY BE STUCK FOR DAYS #southernsnowpanic #justkidding), but also just because it hardly gets below freezing and who knows if it will do it again this year?

So here’s to random adventures with your spouse.
To living in the moment and enjoying what it brings you.
To remembering that life is short and each moment is sacred.
To finding beauty and art in the smallest thing – from a ice hanging off a bent branch to the colors of a cold day.

Happy Monday, friends.