A Classic Fall Engagement Session | Trey & Kristen

She looked at her speedometer, then the clock. She was late, upset, and trying her hardest not to be either. It had been one of those days where you really just want things to be perfect, but instead, everything takes longer than expected and just doesn’t work out. And as she drove, Kristen worried that she had ruined everything… all of the plans her boyfriend had made for the celebration of their first year together as a couple. They had spent most of their first year in separate states, and more than anything, she wanted the time they spent together to be special. Little did she know that it would be far more wonderful than she had ever imagined. 

It was late when she finally arrived, and their plans were interrupted by a text message from a friend who needed Trey to come jump her car. But when they arrived, their friend was no where to be found. Instead, Kristen found herself seated on a blanket below a magnolia tree, looking through a scrapbook Trey had created to celebrate the memories of their first year together. And on the last page of the book, she was instructed to look inside a picnic basket, which held a warm fleece blanket with the words “Kristen Lee, you are my everything! So turn around...” embroidered on it. And when she did, there was Trey, kneeling on one knee and asking her to marry him. It was the best possible way to conclude the evening, and the most perfect anniversary gift she could possibly receive.

I met up with Kristen and Trey on Friday and had the opportunity to get to know them better as we wandered around Ouachita Baptist University together. Since Kristen graduated from OBU, it was the natural choice for their engagement photos, and it was so much fun spending the afternoon with the two of them and learning more about them.

Kristen and Trey, I’m thrilled to serve you during this season of your lives. I hope that these photographs always remind you of the love that you share.