Lakeside Luminary Proposal Photography - Cody & Hailey

Every day prior and every day to come was raining, snowing, cold, and windy… but not today.
Today was perfect.
Dry. Clear. Unseasonably warm for February.

The sunset was absolutely gorgeous as they finished dinner and began to drive home from from their date in Hot Springs. Today marked the day they celebrated their anniversary of dating, and it has been a wonderful day. On the way home, Cody spontaneously suggested they stop by the lake to look at the stars… you know. Since the weather had cleared up so much. She agreed, not realizing until she saw vague lights in the distance that this wasn’t just a normal visit to the lake.
This was special.

And as they approached the beach, lights became more and more distinct. Dozens of luminaries were scattered along their path, lighting the way and reminding them of just a few of the wonderful adventures they had together over the past years. And in the midst of these lights, memories, and emotions, Cody asked Hailey to be his wife. 

This story is wonderful and beautiful, but it’s extra wonderful and beautiful because it’s so dear to my heart. I’ve known both Hailey and Cody individually before they knew each other, and I’ve watched every step of their story unfold. From, “Hey, Cody, you should totally date Luke’s sister” to “I would never date Cody” “… okay, maybe I’d date Cody…” “I’d definitely date Cody; he’s the best.”
I’ve watched them meet, date, fall in love, and last weekend, I watched them promise forever to each other. It was definitely one of the most special things I’ve ever been privileged to witness; one of those moments you’re not sure you want to share with the world because it’s just so special and you want to keep it all to yourself. 

Hailey, I’m so so so glad marrying Lucas made you my sister. And Cody, your friendship has meant so much to Luke and I over the years. Even if he would never tell you that himself and instead meets you at the door with firearms when want to talk about your growing feelings for Hailey. :)
Thank you both for allowing Luke and I to be there to witness this. Thank you for allowing us to capture a few of these moments and refuse to let them be forgotten.
We’re so, so, so incredibly happy and excited for you two.