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A Joyful Coral & Turquoise DeGray Lake Wedding in Arkadelphia, Arkansas | Dede & Ben

Dede walked midway down the flight of stairs and stopped, envelope in hand. She opened it and removed the folded sheet of paper, filled with Ben's handwriting. There, only a few feet away from her blindfolded soon-to-be-husband, she savored each and every one of the thoughtful words he had written to her to commemorate this special day. 

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A Natural Garvan Gardens Wedding | Ryne & Tara

Half a dozen or so ladies sat around a large dining room table in a room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Lake Hamilton. Some perfecting their hair and makeup, others simply enjoying their time together while sipping from their personalized mason jars. As they prepared for the day ahead, they listed to a mix tape the groomsmen had prepared for the occasion the night before, complete with their own recordings of silly commercials, radio talk show segments, and sentimental tidbits from each of the men who held such a special place in Ryne and Tara’s heart. Their thoughtful faux radio show was the perfect background for a relaxed morning, overflowing with excitement for the day to come.

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