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A Pastel Minnesota Wedding | Nathan & Christine

Hand in hand, they walked through the large double doors and into the sunshine. They smiled and quickly embraced one another, but before they had too much time to process the fact that they were now husband and wife, guests began streaming out of the ornate sanctuary, all smiles and congratulations. Christine and Nathan joyfully greeted their friends and family with hugs and laughter as they expressed their excitement to share this day of celebration with them. It was obvious they genuinely cared about each and every person there and wanted to make their wedding special for everyone involved...

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An Arkansas Navy and Blush Wedding | Jeff & Amanda

The flowers were ready. The decorations were in place. The dress was zipped up, and she was as ready as she would ever be. The ceremony was due to start in two hours, and Amanda stood outside the sanctuary doors, arm in arm with her father. The music began, the doors opened, and Amanda saw her groom waiting for her at the end of the aisle. Jeff smiled with tears in his eyes as Amanda’s father led her towards him, hugged her, and handed her over to her soon-to-be groom. And even though many of the circumstances leading up to that very moment had been bit overwhelming, none of that mattered anymore.

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A Classic Black Tie Destination Wedding in Texarkana | John & Kelsey

As Kelsey sat by the window, patiently waiting for her curls to be crafted to perfection, she looked at her mother across the table and smiled. There were still a few last minute details to finish up, and she was filled with gratitude at the woman who worked tirelessly to ensure her day was absolutely perfect. Since John and Kelsey lived 1,500 miles away, they relied heavily on their friends and family back in Texas, and no one had worked harder or more selflessly than Kelsey's mom. And now that she was there and everything was falling into place, she couldn't have been more thankful.

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