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A Garden Themed Wedding at Chestnut Square Historical Village | Jason & Steph

As Steph sat on the edge of the bed with her eyes closed, her cousin/basically-twin-sister/maid of honor applied a neutral palette to her eye lids. In the background, various family and bridal party members flitted in and out of the room, wishing her well and getting ready for the day on their own. It was a scene filled with light-heared laughter and laid-back anticipation as Steph prepared to marry her best friend in just a few short hours.

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A Classic Black Tie Destination Wedding in Texarkana | John & Kelsey

As Kelsey sat by the window, patiently waiting for her curls to be crafted to perfection, she looked at her mother across the table and smiled. There were still a few last minute details to finish up, and she was filled with gratitude at the woman who worked tirelessly to ensure her day was absolutely perfect. Since John and Kelsey lived 1,500 miles away, they relied heavily on their friends and family back in Texas, and no one had worked harder or more selflessly than Kelsey's mom. And now that she was there and everything was falling into place, she couldn't have been more thankful.

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An Intimate and Elegant Little Rock Arkansas Wedding | James & Rejena

Sunlight streamed in as a distinct calmness settled upon the room. Occasionally, there were the sounds of fleeting conversation as they applied makeup and slipped into their dresses, but for the most part silence and peace set the tone of the morning. Rejena remained calm as her twin sister, Angel, helped her fix her hair and makeup. Across town, James got ready with his twin brother, John, and played a bit of slapjack until it was time to meet his bride.

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