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Beauty in the Wait

I've never really considered myself an impatient person. I'm the type who slowly warms up to new ideas. I take my time and research absolutely everything before I jump in. I weigh the pros and cons, and I try to think past how I'm feeling in the moment to how every decision will effect my life in the long run.

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Savoring Your Mornings

I've never loved mornings more than when I was in college. It was the most sleep deprived period of my life to date, but also one of the most sweet. I remember rolling into bed after midnight most days, only to get up before the sun. I'd quietly slip into the dorm common space, turn on the coffee maker, and cuddle up in my favorite chair to read my Bible and watch the sun rise out of our third story window. These moments were sweet and quiet. Undistracted. Unhurried moments of exploration mixed with contemplation. Moments just for me before the busyness of the day and the expectations of the world came crashing down around me.

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