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Favorite Things: Summer 2018

I don't know what Spring has been like where you live, but it feels like around here we jumped straight from winter to summer. There were a few mild days, but it was mostly cold cold cold and then immediately 85 degrees. We didn't get many of the intense thunder storms that make me feel like summer is coming, and I only remember one tornado warning over the past few months, which is crazy for this time of year where we live.

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Favorite Things: Winter Edition

It's been a while since I've done a post like this, but I'm going to aim four seasonal "favorites" posts a year to catch you guys up on what I'm loving! I live a simple life and the things I use on a daily basis don't change much from season to season, so instead of makeup, skincare, or clothing (which is honestly not my area of expertise anyway!), my favorite things always revolve around things that add joy and simplicity into my life. I hope the following inspires greater joy and simplicity in your life too.

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