I know how it feels to plan a wedding


The excitement and overwhelming joy to dream about your upcoming union to your best friend… but also the to-do list that’s a mile long and only growing. I know how it feels to have a mountain of things to think about and plan and never quite enough time to get it all done.

So just take a moment to just stop and breathe. 

Breathe, and think about the big, beautiful picture of it all.

Regardless of overwhelmed or excited you feel right now, I want you to put that aside for a few minutes and think about your life 30 years from now. Three decades from now, your wedding will be a distant memory. The only thing that will remain are your husband, your memories, and the photographs that were taken. You'll look at them for the rest of your life, remembering the joy and excitement you felt on the first day of your forever together. They'll be passed down to your children… and then their children.

And as a journalist, a historian, and an artist, I believe this is important. So important. I want your wedding photographs to be a tangible reminder of two people who loved each other deeply and took every opportunity to hold each other tight. A reminder of two people who started a legacy.

Because one day? One day, future generations will look at these photographs and try to understand who you once were. And honestly? They won’t be looking for posed and photoshoped to perfection. They’ll be looking for the little moments in between; the moments where they can understand who you really were. The moments where you were were really, truly, and wildly yourself. The real, simple, ordinary moments. These photographs will shape their memories of you until the day that the images in that album are all that are left. And on that day, they’ll look at those photographs and catch a glimpse of a love so old and beautiful and strong that it created an entire family. My hope is to make to make those images as real, as genuine, and as authentic as you are. Not just the picture-perfect moments. But the beautiful, ordinary ones in-between.





Frequently Asked Questions




Absolutely! In fact, most of our weddings would be considered 'destination' weddings! We spend a significant portion of our year traveling, and would love to chat with you about your destination.


Definitely. While international travel is a bit more difficult to navigate, we absolutely photograph weddings outside of the United States and would be happy to tell you more. Specifics about international travel depends on your destination, so please shoot me an email or fill out this form and we'll chat specifics for your location.


Yes. Every wedding over 60 miles from Northwest Arkansas is considered a destination wedding and will have additional travel costs associated. However, this will be considered prior to receiving your quote, and an all inclusive travel fee will be automatically included. This means that if  I end up underestimating the costs of travel, I will cover any additional costs at no additional charge to you. However, each destination is different and will have different travel costs associated (gas, plane tickets, hotels, etc.), so please contact me for information specific to you and your destination.


My Style


Of course. While I believe capturing realness and authenticity is most significant, I completely understand the importance of documenting the traditional elements of your day as well, like family portraits and details. I believe these are photographs and memories that you will cherish for years to come, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to create these for you.


As involved as you would like me to be. Some couples continue a dialogue with me throughout their entire engagement, asking questions about preferred vendors, how certain elements of their day will look in photographs, and my opinion on anything and everything - from their dress to florals! Other brides prefer to do everything themselves and don't bother me with the details, and either way is completely fine with me! I understand that the majority of my brides have never planned a wedding before and have a LOT of questions, so I want to help them as much as possible, but at the same time, I totally respect those that prefer to do everything on their own!




Yes! Every wedding collection automatically includes a complimentary engagement session, meaning there are no additional costs associated with them. The last thing that you want is for a complete stranger to show up on your wedding day and awkwardly point their camera at you all. day. long... trust me, it's uncomfortable for all parties involved. :) I believe that engagement sessions are incredibly important to get to know each other and establish trust prior to the wedding day, which will ultimately provide you with the best experience possible.


Image Delivery


The number of photographs you can expect from your day depends on so many factors that it’s impossible to give an accurate estimation without more information. For example, a 6 hour wedding day with minimal details and 50 guests is going to have much less to photograph than a 10 hour wedding day with lots of details, 2-3 locations, a huge family, and 300 guests. However, a fairly solid generalization would be to say that I would expect between 60-80 photos per hour. So a small, shorter wedding might expect around 400-600 photos from there day, while a longer wedding might expect closer to around 800.


Yes. Every image is individually looked at by me and edited for consistency with my style. This includes correcting the color, straightening, cropping, adjusting exposure, and applying edits to each photo that fits with my style. In the end, each delivered fits with the style consistent with the work you see on my website and blog. Additional retouching (like skin smoothing and removing distracting elements from within the photograph) are done to each image that you order some sort of physical print of, whether it be a loose print, canvas, or album. This ensures consistency of all images, but the best quality for your printed heirloom art.





All that is required to book your date is a signed contract and retainer totaling 50% of your total collection cost. You are free to pay your retainer either by check or online via a credit card - whichever is most convenient for you.




Investment in your Legacy


I understand your wedding is one of the most important events of your life, and I believe someday your memories of the day will be one of your most precious possessions. Because your wedding photography should last for generations, I understand that it is an investment you're making not only today, but for a lifetime. It's an investment in beautifully captured fleeting moments that mean so very much more than you could have understood at the time.

Because I believe your wedding photography is so important, I would love the opportunity to discuss our pricing with you over the phone or at my home studio. Each wedding is different, and each bride has unique needs and expectations. My desire is to understand exactly what you're looking for and help you find the collection perfect for you and your needs.


The SN experience includes...


Full day wedding coverage

Because we don't want you to worry about time on your wedding day. I want you to be able to relax, knowing I am there for you and not going anywhere until your entire day has been documented.

A complimentary engagement session

I believe that engagement sessions are key in your wedding experience. There is a lot of trust involved in creating the types of images I'm known for, and the engagement session is key in building that trust and allowing your wedding day to run smoothly. 

A physical heirloom

Before Lucas and I were married, I thought all I wanted was the digital files of our wedding day. But then I realized I never really looked at those JPEGs on my computer. In the course of our marriage, I've scrolled through our online gallery maybe a dozen times, but I look at the photographs we've printed every day. I realized that the printed photographs are the ones that I cherish. They're the ones that I want to show my friends, and someday, they're the ones I'll pass down to my children their children. And I believe every bride deserves this experience too.

Your total investment will depend on the products and services you're interested in, so it looks different for everyone. Some invest over $8000 on our services and custom artwork, and others go with a basic collection at $2850, so there's a wide range. If you want the moon, we can do that, or if you'd like a single album or wall art, there are a lot of options. I invite you to contact me to create a collection that's perfect for you!


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"James and I can't brag on Stephanie Nunley enough.

Choosing her to photograph our engagement session and wedding was the best decision we made during the wedding planning process. Stephanie was understanding, patient, flexible, and encouraging throughout the whole process.

She captured everything we wanted and more."

- Ariel