the portrait experience

👋🏻 Its me again! It’s been a minute since I posted, although I’ve been obsessively talking about baby sleep in my stories basically every day. 😂

Anyway, just popping on because I’m obsessed with this dress from my client wardrobe. The monochromatic look for portraits is my favorite because it allows the focus to be on what’s important: your sweet family and the love that you share. ❤️

01. Let’s Connect

Shoot me an email, and I will connect with you to answer your questions about connection portraits and learn more about your vision for the session. If we're a good fit, we'll get you on the calendar and chat about all of the details of your session!

Before your session, we’ll chat about your family and how you’d like to be photographed, and I’ll share what I can create for you. We’ll talk about location, wardrobe, expectations, and how you’d like to enjoy your artwork after it's created.


03. Art Ordering Appointment

This is the most exciting part of our time together! The art ordering appointment is the first time that you will see your artwork, and you will enjoy the experience of selecting from a collection of gorgeous first edition originals. I’ll guide you through the entire process of selecting your favorites and the best presentation for each photograph, so you will be confident that your finished artwork will look its absolute best and be handcrafted to stand the test of time.

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02. Connection Session

Since we’ve already talked through all of the details, you’ll already be completely prepared for your connection portraits. Most of my clients take advantage of our studio wardrobe, so all you need to do is arrive in your comfy clothes, and I’ll guide you through the entire process and create beautiful photographs that match the vision for our time together.




Are connection portraits for you?


Do you love bright photographs with neutral colors and beautiful light?


Are the little moments in between more important to you than smiling at the camera?


Do you love photographs that feel natural with lots of emotion?


Are you looking forward to enjoying your portraits in a relaxed and unhurried way, taking time to laugh and breathe and simply be with those you love most?


Will you enjoy an experienced artist guiding you through the entire process - from outfit selection and location to your final printed artwork hung on the walls of your home?


Does the idea of sharing your photographs with your children in 20 years make your heart skip a beat?


Is your favorite way to view a photograph as ink on paper rather than as pixels on a screen?


If so, fine art connection portraits may be the perfect fit for you. 




Frequently Asked Questions




Currently, most sessions take place either at my studio, select outdoor locations, or your home (within 30 miles of Rogers, Arkansas). I do accept a select number of destination portrait sessions each year, so if you’d like to talk about photographing your family on vacation or a location special to you, feel free to contact me for a custom quote.


My Style

How involved are you in planning our session?

I love to help my clients craft the perfectly styled session. I love to go over every detail of your session to ensure you receive the types of photographs you'd like in the most beautiful manner possible.

Where will my session be?

Most sessions take place either in my studio or your home. I also take a limited number of outdoor commissions.


I feel like I always look awkward in photos. How will you help me look my best?

Girl - trust me, I hear that more often than you would think! And it’s not your job to look natural and beautiful in photographs, it’s mine! Your only job is to relax and trust that I will make you feel comfortable and guide you into the most flattering poses and situations. Of all of the people who have told me they always look awkward in photographs, I’ve never had one person who wasn’t thrilled with their final images. 



How should I preserve and display my photographs in my home?

I create museum quality heirlooms for you and your loved ones. There are three main presentations for these heirlooms - wall art, albums, portrait boxes. Wall art is perfect for the photographs that you absolutely love and want to see every single day, and albums or portrait boxes are the best way to preserve a collection of photographs if you love them all. Regardless of what you choose, every single image that leaves my studio is a finished work of art presented in a way that is guaranteed to stand the test of time. 

What about digital files?

Although I specialize in creating heirlooms for your family, I understand the desire to share your favorite images on social media. For this reason, every portrait that you purchase includes a matching digital file. Alternately, if you prefer, the full digital file collection is avaliable to purchase a la carte.




pricing details


Session Retainer Includes:

  • Custom session planning with Stephanie

  • Use of the studio wardrobe

  • Your portrait session

  • Art ordering appointment to view your portraits and choose favorites for your home

Sessions retainer $190

Printed & digital artwork is purchased separately.
Most plan to invest $1500+ but portrait pricing starts at $100 and there is no minimum order requirement.