Art is all around you.

It’s in the way you hold yourself.
The way you brush your hair behind your ear.
The way his eyes light up when he sees you.
The way he tolds you tight and that oh so subtle squeeze when no one is looking.

It’s in the thousand ordinary moments that make up an extraordinary life.


Hi, friend! I'm So excited to meet you!


I'm Stephanie, and I create art out of ordinary moments.


I believe that stories should be told with authenticity and discretion.
I believe simplicity is best and connection is key.
I believe classic is better than trendy.
I believe nature is more beautiful than anything man could create.
I believe art is most enjoyed tangibly - on the walls of your home and within the pages of books.



"Oh my goodness. The images are absolutely STUNNING.

I have shown my co-workers the images as well and they literally cried, and they weren’t even there. The photo of my dad crying and Duncan crying during the first look made everyone lose it. Duncan and I are near tears every time we look at the images. We couldn't have hoped for a better and more artistic story teller to boldly proclaim our story. 

You've given us the best gift."

- Rachel





This is how they'll remember.

My photographs are intentionally created to be adored for generations. They’re more than simply a Facebook profile picture; they’re family heirlooms. The photographs I create are designed be framed in your home and cherished for generations. I work closely with all of my clients to ensure their photographs aren't just captured; they're preserved in a way that won't fade over time or get lost on a hard drive. 

Because your story is beautiful, and it deserves to be preserved for a lifetime.


Signature Fine Art Album


Each signature fine art album is handcrafted by trained artisans using only the best in bookbinding techniques and materials, which means they're substantial to hold, gorgeous to look at, and guaranteed stand the test of time.

Linen Proof Box


All of my clients receive a linen proof box of images from each of our sessions together. This is a beautiful way to remember our time together, as well as a simple way to decide which images you'd like enlarged on the wall or preserved in an album.


Heirloom Coffee Table Book


A redefined take on a classic book. Each heirloom coffee table book features fine art papers bound by hand into a linen cover. These books feature gorgeous, large images in a convenient format to showcase your story in an elegant and sophisticated manner.

Signature Fine Art Prints


Signature fine art prints are museum quality artwork for your walls. Each print is handmade in my studio, which means I am able to control every aspect of your image to give you the absolute best quality possible. 



"This box. The proofs. I'm dying.

These are so perfect I can't even put it into words. I can't stop looking at them. The LIGHT. The greens. The poses. I'm serious, my brain can't process how much we love these. 
THANK YOU for always over-delivering for us. I can't wait to order prints!

I'm not sure there's one picture I don't just love!!"

- Kendal