The 2023 Santa Experience Wardrobe Inspiration & Shopping Guide

I’m so excited that you’ll be joining us for the 2023 Santa Experience!

Choosing clothing for your children is often the most stressful part of the entire portrait making process for parents, and we’re here to help make the process easy and streamlined for you this holiday season! Below you’ll find links to my favorite current season pieces, and since most things are neutrals, it’s easy to mix and match to coordinate outfits for your children. Whether or not you decide to purchase any of the pieces linked below, here are some general guidelines that will be helpful as you put together your children’s outfits:

  • Neutral colors look great with Santa, since he is wearing such a brightly colored suit. You don’t want too many colors that will compete with the large amount of red that will be in your photos.
  • Avoid red clothing as this will cause your children to blend in with Santa.
  • When opting for color and pattern, choose one child to wear a bolder color or pattern, and opt for neutrals for rest of the children with small pops of color to tie everything together. For example, if your daughter wears a green velvet dress, put your son in a cream sweater with dark green pants and the baby in a cream romper with an emerald green bow. Everyone coordinates without matching and the color isn’t overwhelming.
  • Avoid jeans, as they tend to the first thing you see in a portrait. Instead, opt for khakis and linen pants for boys and dresses for girls.
  • Texture can add just as much interest to a photograph as color, so opt for varying textures in coordinating outfits rather than lots of color.
  • Please avoid text and bold graphics on clothing as these types of clothes do not photograph well and are distracting from the subjects in your portraits.
  • If you’d like your portraits to feel more casual, pajamas are a super cute way to dress down the look and feel of your portraits. I’ve linked my favorite holiday PJs below, and in my opinion, there’s just about nothing more adorable than babies in footie PJs and little girls in a nightgowns. 🙂

Please note that there is overlap between these categories – for example, there may be dresses in the girl category that will fit babies, or sweaters in baby sizes in the boy category. If you’re dressing a child under a year old, I recommend rompers and onesies (as linked below in the baby category) because they don’t ride up when Santa is holding baby, but feel free to peak in the other categories for more options!

Happy shopping!