ideal for expecting mothers & 3-12 month milestones

savor this season with

simplicity sessions

It's incredible that a sleepy little newborn can transform into a full fledged baby in just a few months, which is why I introduced simplicity sessions - so you never miss a milestone. Short and sweet sessions perfect for celebrating those in-between stages with just a handful of images. 

Because one minute they're tiny in your arms, then the next they're masters at tummy time. Before you know it, they're rolling over and then you blink and they're sitting.

Let me help you remember it all.

These are so perfect I can't even put it into words. I can't stop looking at them. 

this is your baby just a few months after she's born.

- Kendal

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baby milestones

A maternity simplicity session is perfect for moms who want to remember the fleeting season of pregnancy without the bells and whistles of our signature experience. Short and sweet, in-studio, and you can still take advantage of our studio wardrobe for styling your session.

Simplicity sessions are perfect for babies 3-12 months old. They take place in my natural light studio in downtown Bentonville. Parents and siblings are welcome to be a part of the portraits with a focus on highlighting your baby’s milestone.


  • You don't have time to shop for clothing or the expertise to know how it will translate in photos.

  • A 20 minute session in the studio sounds like the perfect blend of pampering and practicality.

  • You love timeless, airy photographs that highlight the beauty and joy of motherhood.

  • You only need a few photos of this season of life, but you want them all to be amazing.

  • You're in love with the idea of custom framing, but don't know where to start.

  • You want to play with your kids while your artwork is professionally hung in your home.

simplicity sessions

Our simplicity session experience is the perfect solution to document every in-between milestone.

This session is for you if...



  • Wardrobe & Styling
  • Short Studio Session
  • Custom Artwork Design & Installation

Stephanie was understanding, patient, flexible, and encouraging throughout the whole process.

She captured everything we wanted and more."

- Ariel